What we do

Molded by automation and cutting edge technology, potCat is a full-service design and production studio. Utilizing a lean mentality to keep costs low, while leveraging creative technological solutions to ensure unmatched quality and customization, potCat offers solutions for projects of all sizes, in every stage.

We are equipped to provide services in web and mobile development and design, production resources for ongoing or upcoming projects and consulting in these areas. We also provide marketing, advertising and social media consulting for your business or project. If you’re interested in working with us reach out.

cto headshot photo
Scott Larose, CTO & Head of Production

Our mission

potCat exists to create high quality digital content and consumer goods while minimizing the environmental impact. Via industrial and consumer 3D printing, our studio is equipped to not only serve as a creative partner, but also to provide custom manufacturing of props, set pieces and camera rigs and equipment. Built with automation and sustainability in mind, we aim to incorporate closed looped manufacturing and fully recyclable processes into all our services. Keeping track of waste and continuously developing new methods of recycling and increasing process efficiency, isn’t just a long term goal but a current reality. At potCat we blend modern technology with classic film and photography techniques in a way that allows us to do more with far less. As a customer this means lower prices and a higher quality of services and products.